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Online Banking


Fee Schedule

Fees Effective January 1, 2020**

Description Fee Amount Comments
Membership Fee $5.00 per account
Statement Printed/Mailed $2.00 per member account
Statement Picked Up FREE  
E-Statement FREE  
Checking Account Overdraft Fee $30.00 per transaction
ACH Overdraft Fee $30.00 per transaction
Debit Overdraft Privilege Fee $30.00 per transaction
Debit Card Monthly Fee $1.00 per account
Stop Payment Fee $20.00 one item
Stop Payment Series of Checks $25.00 more than one item
Remove Stop Payment Fee $10.00 per item
Skip a Payment Fee $30.00 per payment skipped
Deposited Check Return Fee $20.00 per item**
Check Copy Fee $2.00 per copy
Cashiers Check from Member Account $5.00 per check, after 1 free check per month
Wire Transfer Fee $20.00 per wire**
Incoming Wire Fee $10.00 per wire**
Automatic Transfer Fee Free First 6 Transfers per month
Automatic Transfer Fee $1.00 Each 7 or more transfers per month
Night Drop Discrepancy $10.00 per item
Visa Late Fee Classic $20.00 or the amount that you are delinquent, whichever is less. Platinum $25.00 or the amount that you are delinquent, whichever is less
First CU VISA Cash Advance Free when using First CU Visa
Money Order $1.00 each**
Money Order Stop Payment Fee $2.00 each
Visa Returned Check Fee $15.00 per check
Lost/Stolen Card Fee Free First Lost or Stolen Card in 12 months
Lost/Stolen Card Fee $10.00 Subsequent Lost or Stolen Cards in 12 months
Replacement Card Fee
Worn or Damaged card
Free First Worn or Damaged Card in 12 months
Replacement Card Fee Worn or Damaged card $10.00 Subsequent Replacement Cards in 12 months
2 Day Express Mailing Fee $25.00 Per Card
Reloadable Debit or Travel Card Fee - Member Only Price $6.00 Per Card Initial Load is Free
Personalized Reloadable Debit or Travel Card Fee - Member only Price $6.00 Per Card
Reload Debit or Travel Card Fee - Member Only Price $3.00 Reload Card**
Non-Member Reloadable Debit or Travel Card Fee $10.00 Per Card
Non-Member Debit or Travel Reload Fee $5.00 Per Reload
Visa Gift Cards - Non-Reloadable $4.00 Per Card
Inactivity Fee:
No activity after 1 year
$5.00 per month
Early Club Withdrawal Fee $5.00 per withdrawal
Account Research Fee $20.00 per hour
Account Printout Fee $2.00 per printout
Statement Copy Fee $5.00 per statement
Check Cashing Fee $5.00 under $100.00 minimum only
Bad Address Fee $5.00 per returned statement
Garnishment/Levy $40.00 per account garnished**
ATM Empty Envelope Fee $25.00 per envelope**
ATM Deposit Discrepancy $10.00 per transaction**
ATM Photo Request $50.00 per photo**
First CU Card Cash Advance FREE First CU VISA card**
Non First CU Card Cash Advance $5.00 Per Advance**
Mortgage Account Verification and Fax $25.00 per verification**
Subordination Fee $200.00 per subordination**
Garnishment/Levy Fee $40.00 per garnishment or levy
Escheat Fee $30.00 per account escheated
Coin Machine - Members 5% of coin total
Coin Machine - Non Members 10% of coin total
**Fees change or are reaffirmed annually.

Card Valet

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Contact Info

Phone: 1-570-961-8953
Fax: 1-570-961-5010
Toll Free: 1-888-347-7818

Monday to Thursday
8:30AM TO 4:30PM
7:30 AM TO 5:30 PM


605 Davis Street
Scranton, PA 18505

Security Center

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